What is typically included in an “expat package” offered by an employer? I would assume relocation costs, but does it also include housing and car typically? The salary range of the job I’m considering is paid monthly, in AED, and does not seem all that great, however.. Can any expats in Dubai advise? He is on a married status package which does differ to the single status one in his company. Essentially he gets the same basic salary as he had in the UK, except of course it is tax free here which makes a massive difference. He moved with the company he worked for in the UK. He then gets an overseas allowance and bonus.

Looking for American Expats in the United Arab Emirates?

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I am considering a move to Dubai and am researching about dating opportunities​. I am a matured woman Connect with other expats. Join exciting events with.

Enter your email address to receive notifications of exciting new posts by email. Email Address. With a South African passport, South Asian heritage and my teacher’s license, I am on a mission to explore all corners of the world. I am now living in my 5th country- Qatar the richest country in the world! My blog showcases my life as a female African teacher in an interracial relationship living in the Middle East.

Read More With many schools opening up across the world well, those that follow the September-July academic year , I thought it would be great to be re-consider the WHY in the process of…. I always knew I wanted to be a chef from the time I watched the Disney classic… Ratatouille. When I moved to Qatar from the United Arab Emirates in mid-February, I was nervous that Qatar was just not going to measure up in terms of the quality of life….

As you are well aware, global news tends to solely focus on the negative aspects of the African continent, so many people around the world only hear of the wars, disease,…. Covid has hit us all hard- overnight, everything and everyone we knew, was upside down or unavailable. Like everybody else, expats are currently living through the biggest health and financial crisis since…. I want to roll my eyes at this but….

Work in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Nomadic Boys. Dubai is regarded as the Vegas of the Middle East. Just like Las Vegas, it’s a loud, glitzy, super touristic and very modern city, with plenty of things to do. It’s also a major transport hub, making it the perfect stopover to break up long trips. We’ve been to Dubai several times, mainly to visit some of our gay friends living there.

Gay dating apps such as Grindr or Scruff are illegal and blocked in Dubai. urban haven, largely because there is a large international expat population. you know welcomes gay travellers, book a room with 2 single beds (whether it is 2.

Subscriber Account active since. I spent more than 16 months in the steel and glass forest that is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. For those who haven’t been, let me just say: Yes, the buildings are very, very tall. The building I worked in at my last job there had “only” more than 40 stories above ground, making it relatively short for the neighborhood it was in. But I lived on the 88th floor of an apartment building that had 97 stories above ground and until a few years ago was the tallest residential building in the world.

I live on “only” the 17th floor of an apartment building now. The view is still pretty cool — and just as in Dubai, I’m surrounded by skyscrapers, which gives things a nice, familiar, vaguely science-fiction-like feel. Though it does seem strange to look up at them rather than down at them, as I could in my old place. It’s water, water, everywhere.

“Expat Package”? – Dubai Forum

Dark side to dubai. Dark side to cute british men. Jul 17, your home.

Online dating sites for expats, such as Expatica Dating Dubai, are the perfect opportunity to connect with Online Dating for Expats Step 2: Set up a Profile.

Palm trees, Vegas-style clubs, tax-free salaries, perfectly manicured promenades. Something about Dubai, the most famous of the seven kingdoms that make up the United Arab Emirates, makes living in the desert seem exotic and luxurious. Thinking about relocating? While companies no longer advertise relocation bonuses in the tens of thousands of dollars as they did before the financial crisis of , there are still plenty of openings for specialists in finance, aviation and engineering, said Sean Rutter, an Irish expatriate and managing director at KWR, an executive search firm based in Dubai.

Jobseekers can work with local recruiters to find out about positions. But even establishing a new business in Dubai is fairly easy. That said, most companies prefer hiring expats who already live in the Emirate, as they can navigate the culture already. A few years ago, sealing a job offer in Dubai would take just a few weeks, but now most employers take up to six months to hire a candidate, especially for a more senior role, said Rutter who works with senior executives and has been an expat in Dubai since Keep in mind, there are few taboos in an interview.

Jobseekers will be asked about their family life, their salaries and even their nationality. Some companies even ask recruiters to find candidates from particular areas of the world in order to ensure that they are a specific nationality. Free trade zones are communities that are based right outside of the city and focus on specific industries and operate under more typical western conditions. The companies located within the Emirate, require a local partner and working on the mainland can mean following Islamic laws and customs.

Job descriptions can change unexpectedly after an employee joins a company, often due to the economic climate or changing regulations.


Getting the correct tax advice in the early days can make things a lot easier to deal with, even before a person leaves the United States. When you think of the UAE, the first thing that comes to mind is no income tax. The US has citizenship-based income tax filing requirements, which means if you are a US citizen or Green Card Holder no matter where you live as long as you earn some income you may have to file a tax return.

2) Dubai is nothing if not expensive, and your attractive tax-free expat salary can for the absolute vast majority of expats, Dubai is a posting with an end date.

Living abroad is an incredible opportunity to rediscover and reinvent yourself, including the romantic side of your life. Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that. If you are an English man in New York, as the famous song line says, an American in London or single in Dubai , you might have truly felt like an alien upon arrival.

Surely, you’ve got a new job, a new house and are possibly making new friends, but all is so foreign and different that you’re almost afraid that you may never find yourself in a big familiar circle again. Dating someone new, whether a local or another single expat , will make you feel more at home in this environment. When looking for love abroad , you may meet potential partners through work, colleagues, or friends, but you are usually limited to a small group given that you haven’t had the time to establish yourself socially yet.

Online dating sites for expats , such as Expatica Dating Dubai , are the perfect opportunity to connect with people with similar interests that you may otherwise never have met if you are a single expat. According to recent studies, one in five relationships start online. Moreover, a quarter of online daters claim to have met their life partner through a dating site. The good news doesn’t stop here.

Studies also show that you’re twice as likely to get married if you meet your partner online than in the traditional way. Even if these statistics look a bit too promising to be true, truth is that expanding your search for a partner on the internet is a valuable and viable tool to find love abroad. First of all, you need to find a dating site that fits your needs.

You can opt for a big standard online dating site like match.

Human rights in the United Arab Emirates

Member State of the Arab League. According to human rights organizations, the government of the UAE violates a number of fundamental human rights. The UAE does not have democratically elected institutions and citizens do not have the right to change their government or to form political parties. There are reports of forced disappearances in the UAE, many foreign nationals and Emirati citizens have been abducted by the UAE government and illegally detained and tortured in undisclosed locations.

Flogging and stoning are legal forms of judicial punishment in the UAE due to Sharia courts.

So, last weekend my love came to visit! My boyfriend figured that the 2 weeks since we had last saw each other in Amsterdam was long enough.

Update: Please be aware that despite the Coronavirus COVID pandemic, we are operating as usual and our partners will be conducting initial consultations online and by telephone. If you are a British expat it is essential you understand your tax requirements to avoid punishment. This guide details your UK tax requirements. Expat tax affairs can be complicated. We’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you understand your tax requirements as a British expat. A common mistake of British expats when they first consider moving abroad is that when they move they are instantly exempt from UK tax.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. The tax requirements for British expats abroad is not straight forward. This guide details some of the aspects you need to consider when it comes to UK tax.

Expat Files: Dubai World Art Exhibition

Kindly note: This event is by guest list only. Rima will be your lovely host for the evening. She will welcome you to the group and also help with introductions. Upcomingevent at Dubai Are you a Newbie? New to the city, new to the Expats groups or just looking to make new friends? Join us for a Newbies Party at Tribeca, Dubai’s hottest night spot..!

Expats in Dubai are subject to a luxurious lifestyle. Homosexuality is also illegal, so be extremely cautious if you’re dating or living with a member of the same.

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